Why is Duct Tape Awesome? It Works RIGHT NOW.

Social Media Marketing

Check out this superb free ebook full of practical Social Media Marketing tips written by John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing.

This creation of this ebook was sponsored by Microsoft Office Live Small Business (but don’t write it off just because it’s trendy to rip on Microsoft right now.)

In this ebook, Jantsch breaks down social media into bite sized chunks that any contractor can swallow, regardless of your level of online expertise.

There are a couple of case studies in there too. The one about the guy who uses social media to market his business selling fishing lures really grabbed my attention. There’s proof that a business that’s about as “offline” as it gets can use social media to grow and prosper.

Duct Tape Roll

So check it out, and start strapping up your marketing system right now with some extra handy duct tape marketing.

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Future of Marketing New Developments on the Internet

Description: Welcome to the future of how new developments are marketed on the internet through the use of the new development’s own website. A new development’s website is one of the best marketing and sales tools. Today, only a few people (the in-house sales team) are able to use it to help them promote and sale the new development. Imagine the increase in exposure and velocity of sales when millions of Realtors are able to use the new development’s website to promote and sale the development.

This is a brief demonstration of how Agent Shield works. The video illustrates why Realtors are not able to use a new development’s website as a sales and marketing tool along with how Agent Shield’s solves this problem.

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