The Problem With Contractor Marketing in 2015 (and beyond)

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Contractor Marketing Services:

When you look to market your contracting or home services business online you might be a little overwhelmed.

With all of the internet marketing options available (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Pay-per-lead service, Pay-per-click services, Paid Online Directories, etc) it can be very hard to determine where to start and how to proceed.

In this video, Seth Holdren, author of the book “The Contractor Marketing Manual” explains a proven model for marketing online. He talks through what a proactive online marketing plan should look like for your contracting business.

Take a look and. For more ideas and to get access to a video outlining “Content Marketing in a Box” with step by step instruction for all of the most prominent online marketing channels as well as our implementation guide go to

Here are some of the Contractor Marketing services we offer:
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direct mail marketing…and more.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call right now at (406) 493-0805.


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Contractor Marketing Video Transcript (by Youtube):

Here’s how to solve your content marketing problem for ever
so here’s the problem you know you need new content to promote your business
every relevant expert is imploring you to do
content marketing any see the writing on the wall can have a choice
either make new content consistently on an ongoing basis
or your competitors will surpass you with the successful content marketing
you get peace of mind business get promoted on autopilot your marketing
system gets utilized to its fullest extent
your business benefits from expert copywriting cutting-edge technology
he get content that sells plus
yet SEO benefits exciting video marketing campaigns
and even integration for the marketing driven website and social media
so you know you need to get to work on the content producing
part of your content marketing plan but your stock
either you can find the time to write new contact create videos and mess
around their website
social media and blogging or you’re confused or intimidated by the
technology the writing
in the context creation and marketing process I see this all the time
as a result what happens is no new content gets produced
the company’s website slips down in search engines YouTube and social media
in new customers and leads begin to stagnate or even dry up
created a process that solves this problem
Casey from a clean fresh start on day one
to a tangible web presence a professionally published
new content consistent steady on an ongoing basis
in less than an hour your time it’s called
content marketing in a box content marketing in a box is a very simple
three-step process
for the first step are experienced content marketers will interview you to
clarify your business goals
your company’s expertise to understand exactly what is your ideal prospects to
new customers will find most valuable
nail down how you want your new content and videos to say on this
and then they’ll put all that in a very clear
precise outline for step two the schedule series and short concise
anywhere from two to four depending on whether you choose the expert interview
option at the service
and during these interviews they follow your new content outline precisely
asking you questions to get all the information you have about your company
out of your head in India video interview format
step 3 the content marketer will then take your entire interview transcript
and in essence translate it into new content for videos web pages social
media sharing
blog posts and more now remember this is not you
producing any content yourself this is all done for you
by our content marketing service its content marketing
a box all we do is make it fast simple and he’s in for you it’s essentially on
AUTO pilot
once you approve the content your work is done
you can bypass this step if you’re just that busy we handle everything else
all the copywriting make the videos set up the content schedule
build the distribution platform on the web and social media
even build web sites and blogs where necessary
all perfectly integrated with your existing website
any social media accounts you may have in place it’s all up to us
all you have to do is go about your life running your business
starting in less than a week got new videos and content starring the
published on the internet drawing in new customers
pushing you up in the search engines getting shared on social media
making your business look more professional more popular
more attractive than your competitors all this fresh new content we create for
you is yours for ever
you own it out there on the internet as salesmen in print
for your company or you can also think of it as a 24 hour automated video salesman
who never sleeps. Content marketing in a box is for anyone who needs new content
to market their business but just doesn’t have the time or the resources to get it
done without some help
and doesn’t want to get buried in the frustrating details writing and
publishing new content all the time
are you really need is a contractor business, and about one hour of time
we can do all the rest for you if you’re so inclined
you wanna get started you can just head over to content marketing in a box .com

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When a prospect comes looking for a contractor, will you be there?

Is all the work dried up? No. Is most of the work dried up? Yes.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

Look, we all know things have changed for the worse around here in the world of construction. (Understatement!)

I remember many strategy sessions back in the “fat and happy” times a few years ago.

We discussed things like…

  • What would happen if the bubble burst?
  • Will remodeling remain steady and firm?
  • Will new homebuilders start taking all the remodeling jobs at their dangerously low profit margins (you guys know what I mean….wink, wink)
  • Will the contractors who are spread thin go out of business?
  • Will only the strong survive?
  • Will real estate prices plummet?

Unfortunately, we all know the answers now. And we’re forced to deal with it.

This recession is very rough on the typical construction small business. Guys are hurting, I’ve seen it first hand.

It’s very difficult to operate when you’re desperate and worried. It can almost seem impossible.

Prospects can smell desperation, and they will run far, far away when they do.

So what the h*ll is the point, you ask?

My point is this:

Forget about the economy. Forget about the news. Forget about all the other struggling contractors.

Focus on your business.

One single business, and that’s all.

We can take the ultra-micro economy of your one single solitary business and get you into some work by putting you out there, right up in front of the few prospects who are looking for a contractor.

Take it one step at a time.

Focus all your energy on your marketing.

Here’s how:


1. Get your a** into a good mood, right now. Whatever it takes.

2. Go to every single networking and socializing event you can find, and talk to every single person in the room.


3. When talking, be 100% focused on helping the person you are talking with, in any way you can.

4. Do not talk about yourself, ask the other person about himself or herself all day long.

Sorry, it’s cliche. But there’s a reason for that….

5. If they need help moving, help them. If they need a laugh, make them laugh. If they need advice on how to fix their plumbing without a contractor, tell them how to do it. Be selfless, be upbeat, and be as generous as you can be.

6. Keep a running tally of how many new people you meet per day/week/month. Try to beat your records.

7. When you’ve met 250 new people, you are getting somewhere. (Link ’em In!)

8. Never talk about yourself or your business until asked. The first time they ask, give a one word answer and ask another question about them. They WILL eventually force you to tell them what you do for a living. THEN, you’re a contractor.

9. Offer as much free advice, helpful tips, knowledge, friendliness and kindness as you can possibly muster. Ask for nothing in return.

10. Watch in amazement as you begin to see opportunities appear out of thin air.


People look for contractors online now more than ever. You need to BE THERE, at the top.

How? Hard work, time, and dedication.

Start here.

Next, do these things:

1. Post helpful comments on industry-related blogs, social networking sites, and forums with a link to your website.

2. Use social bookmarking sites to link to your website.

3. Make 15 short, informative videos and post them around the internet everywhere. They don’t need to look good. Mine look like crap, but I give my best information and it works.

4. Submit your website to directories.

5. Turn your videos into podcasts and post them to podcast directories.

6. Post new content to your website every day. Just pick your favorite past customer, and imagine you are writing advice directly to him or her. Be helpful, add value.

7. Pay $300 for a listing. It’s Google juice, baby. You don’t have to believe me.

8. Submit to DMOZ and wait wait wait….

9. Add new pages to your website with your target keywords in the title. Like

10. Do this stuff steadily, over time. Never lose a link, or get links from non-reputable sources. Don’t go crazy, be consistent, or you will fall in the search rankings.

11. Be as awesome as you can be. (For me, that’s just mildy-to-barely awesome. But I try my best.)

So, to sum up

We need to try way harder than we used to have to try.

We need to get in front of as many people as possible, and help them.

We need to position ourselves online so that when someone actually wants to find a contractor, we are there. Boom. Opportunity seized.

This stuff is hard work. I do it myself. It keeps me up late at night, and it nags me out of bed in the morning.

But that’s the new reality we live in. So let’s live in it. On purpose. As hard as we can.

Good luck.

And seriously, if I can help you with your business or your marketing in any way, please contact me immediately.

Now why aren’t you at a networking event right now? You are really p*****g me off. 😉

Pass it along: If you know someone who could use help with website promotion and online marketing, feel free to send them a link to this page, or link to it on your own website.



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