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We all know that better online visibility and a strong web presence can lead to increased profits, a full pipeline, and maybe even more free time to actually work on the “construction” end of your business (or golf, wink wink.)

As a contractor trying to enhance your marketing and drum up new business, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how to get more business from your website.

I’ve found that most local markets, even in big cities, are quite attainable.

“The average contractor can dominate his local market online if he puts a strategic plan in place.”

If you’re an up-and-comer in the world of online marketing, I created this free report just for you. Think of it as a primer to get yourself where you need to be strategically to begin building your online empire.

You can check out this free report here.

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10 Ways to Get Links

A lot of my readers do their own website stuff, which is really cool. One of the most common concerns of the free-solo amateur web developer is how to get backlinks.

Here are a few ideas for your free use and enjoyment.

1. Create a viral element. Here’s an awesome example I found on a local plumber’s website:

  • Page title is “28% More Duck.”
  • It’s funny, charming, very different, and a refreshing change of pace.
  • There is a viral “share” form where you can send it to a friend.
  • It really makes a connection with the website visitor…and on a plumbing website for crying out loud!!!

2. Link to your suppliers, and ask them for link in return. Here’s the script:

“Hey, Jack, I wanted to let you know we put a link on our website linking to your company website. Well, I really enjoy doing business with you, and I am proud to be associated with you online. Would you consider linking to my website, as one of your customers? Great, thank you. Who runs your website and could make that happen? Would you mind introducing me, and getting me in touch so we can get it done right now? Awesome.”

The key is to take the lead and do all the coordination. Also, if you run into any resistance, just move on to the next one and don’t waste time sweating it.

3. Whenever you get a compliment from a client, immediately ask her if she would be willing to log on to “Google local” and post a 5 star review of your company.

Do this 15 times, and you’ll be at the top of “Google local” QUICKLY.

4. Create fresh content on your blog and link out to relevant websites. You’ll find they will often reciprocate without notice.

5. Do a charitable event like a Ramp-A-Thon, and contact the local press including “more information” on your website.

links or patties

Links or patties?

6. Talk to the coordinators of every association and group you participate in (church too) and do the link request script found in #2.

7. Post relevant, valuable comments on Google groups with your link.

8. Create a free report to download, and make it a really good one. Promote it, and watch the links pour in.

9. Have your happy clients give your site thumbs up on their favorite social media websites. Seriously. Actually ask them to do it. Some will. That’s link juice, baby!

10. Write a Top 10 List for your industry. Send an email to your list. Make it good, not crappy like this one. Get links from people who love your list.

Good luck getting those ever-valuable links. I wish you higher rankings, and more links than you can shake a stick at.

To learn more about “Dominating the Internet Marketplace in Your Industry,” go here.

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Construction Marketing on the Internet

As a contractor, you must design your website around sound marketing principals.

Your website needs to:

1. Get traffic, get visitors to your site.

2. Convert those visitors into actual clients, actual customers, and actual sales.


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How to Build a Kick A** Website

As a contractor, it’s very important—if you’re going to spend time and money building a website for your business—you need to do it right.

Here are a few things you can do to really build a great website to market your construction business.


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