10 Link Bait Tips for Contractors

For Contractors, having a valuable offer built in to your website can really set you apart from the competition.

One way to do that is to take your expertise and bottle it up into a free report or a free guide of some kind.

I’ve noticed quite a few contractors struggling to find a report they could create that would attract clients.

Here are a few great ideas from devbasu.com that I adapted to fit the construction industry.

  1. What to Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring Them.
  2. 10 Ways To Save Money by Using the Right Contractor.
  3. How to Choose a Good Contractor.
  4. 5 Totally New Ways of Sprucing up Your Home.
  5. How to Get 50% Off Your Next Remodel or Addition.
  6. The Latest and Greatest in Green Building.
  7. 10 DIY Home Improvement Tips You Can Use Today.
  8. 15 Factors That Affect Your Construction Quote.
  9. How to Turn Your House into a Green Home in 6 Months.
  10. Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Contractor.

Use this list to come up with a great idea for a free downloadable report to offer visitors to your website. Then spend a week writing at least one page per day until you have seven pages. Turn it into a pdf file, send it to your webmaster and you’re done!


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