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Clear the air and breath cleaner air in your home with AAA Wicks duct cleaning services in St. Paul, Woodbury, Eagan, and Eden Prarie.

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Duct Cleaning St. Paul
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Duct Cleaning Services
AAA Wicks Plumbing Heating Air Duct Cleaning | 102 W County Road C, St Paul, MN 55117 | Phone: (651) 538-6547

We use a method for duct cleaning which will take more time than many other methods used in St Paul and Woodbury. Our team of 2 technicians arrive with state of the art equipment to ensure you are getting the cleanest ducts possible.

-The air compressor is located in our service vehicle, so the dust makes it’s way out of your house through sealed vacuum tubes.
-The rotary brushes scrub the inner walls of your ducts and trunk lines.
-Our professional services techs will have shoe protectors covering their shoes to protect your flooring from dirt and damage.

Call us at (651) 538-6547 to learn more.

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Let Me Guess: You Need Incoming Phone Calls, RIGHT NOW? Here is the Solution.

Most contractors I talk to really aren’t interested in any of this complicated “Contractor Marketing” nonsense. I mean, sure, they’re marginally interested, but only for one specific reason. And if you’re anything like them, it’s the same reason for you: You want your phone to ring with new business. Forget all the other B.S. Am I right?

I have provided a lot of marketing and internet marketing services to contractors, and after all these years, one thing stands above all the rest. If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s pretty much worthless.

So, I’ve finally found the most effective way to solve that problem.

A marketing service where you don’t pay unless you get an exclusive, qualified phone call.

How do you like them apples? 🙂

This is what we’re doing right now, and you don’t have to take it from me, but it is working extremely well. If you are so inclined that you’d like to chat about this for your business, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re an HVAC company looking forward to the hot AC season, we may already have some leads lined up for you. The best opportunities are in major metro areas, in regions where it gets HOT in the summer. And to qualify, you should have a 24hr call center and offer 24hr service, and be able to handle the extra call volume easily.

If this sounds like you, feel free to give me a call. My name is Seth, and I’ll just go ahead and put this here: (406) 493-0805. Leave a message about “pay per call” if I can’t pick up, and I’ll call you back asap.

To see if you qualify for this Pay-Per Call marketing service, call (406) 493-0805 or email seth@primeconversion.com

HVAC Marketing

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A New, Powerful Marketing Tool, Plus a FREE Webinar on Lead Generation for Contractors

Today’s consumer is harder to reach than ever before, from a marketing perspective. But now there is finally a solution.

Your prospect is a moving target. People are no longer anchored to their desktop computers, they are on the move. Your prospect is now mobile, using a number of different devices to access information and entertainment, and build relationships with people. Gone are the days where you can use singular channels of marketing to get more customers, increase your conversion from prospects to buyers, and increase your profits using simple marketing systems. Well, at least, until recently those days were gone. Now, there is a huge opportunity. It’s called cross-channel marketing.

Watch this video (to your right) about the upcoming webinar, and then sign up below for a double dose of marketing strategy for your business. Observe the follow-up process when you register for the webinar, and imagine how a similar system could help your business increase profits. Then, watch the webinar for some specific and powerful tactics for getting new prospects through some brand new and extremely powerful high-ROI methods. Sign up now:

To Sign Up:

Text your name, email, website to (615) 547-2726

OR Scan this QR code with your smart phone, right from the screen.

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15 Questions to Ask Your Pay-Per-Click Management Company

1. What kind of return on investment can I expect with your services?

2. Will you charge me per click, per call, per lead, or on some other basis?

3. As an Adwords account matures, if managed properly, the account should get a better and better Quality Score, and thus cheaper and cheaper clicks relative to the competition, right? So, with your service, who owns the Adwords account? If we part ways down the road, who gets control of the Adwords account? Do you pass the cost benefit of a high quality score on down to us, or does that only benefit your company?

4. Do you offer phone call tracking? If we part ways, who gets the phone number used for the Adwords campaign?

5. What about landing page quality? Do you set up a new website for us and handle all issues with landing page quality? If not, will you guide us on whatever changes might need to be made to our website to help our Adwords campaign convert as well as possible?

6. If you set up a new website for us, who gets control of that website if we part ways? If you keep it, can you guarantee you will pull it off line? Or will it keep getting leads down the road that do not come to our business?

7. What else do we need to know in order to ensure the highest possible return on investment?

8. Do you have any specific success stories of businesses like ours getting a measurable return on investment?

9. How much do we need to spend per week to meet our revenue goals? How will we measure this a month from now after we’ve got the campaign going, and into the future from that point on? Because the only thing that matters to us is return on investment, so we need to discuss campaign accountability and tracking that will occur once we’ve signed on the dotted line, so we may as well determine this now, right?

10. What is a reasonable Click Thru Rate (CTR) to expect for a campaign like ours?

11. What is a reasonable average cost per click to expect for a campaign like ours?

12. How many clicks will that likely generate for us?

13. What is a reasonable conversion rate for that number of clicks? (Meaning, how many new clients is that likely to generate for us?)

14. If those numbers don’t pan out after a month or two when we can clearly see the results of our campaign, what will happen then?

15. Is our campaign likely to provide us with a measurable ROI right off the bat, or will it take a certain amount of time to show a return? How long?

That should give you a pretty good start.

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Marketing Consultant

If you found a machine where you could put in a 20 dollar bill and out would pop a 100 dollar bill, how many 20’s would you put in it?

Would you stay there and keep putting 20’s in until you ran out? Would you have your wife run and get you more 20’s? Would you take out a loan for as many 20’s as you could get?


OK, now, if a marketing consultant can make you 10 times the money your pay him….would you hire him?

How about 20 times?

Or more?

Just curious….

Cape Cod Remodeling Company Knows How to Give Real Value

Cape Cod RemodelingAll you remodeling companies out there who struggle with your marketing, take a cue from Cape Cod Remodeling company AtDesignRemodel.

Offering, free of charge, both a Consumer Awareness Guide and a Fast Start Remodeling Planner, AtDesignRemodel provides real value up front, with no strings attached.

This is a perfet example of how to create trust and establish your company as a trusted advisor all at the same time.

Throughout these free resources, AtDesignRemodel’s John Clark shows his remodeling chops and gives away some of his valuable experience and industry wisdom for free. And this, my friends, is the new model of marketing. You cannot give too much value up front.

Some companies are reluctant to give away their knowledge and expertise up front because they fear they are “giving up their secrets.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Customers do not buy your secrets, your experience, or your wisdom. They buy your services because they trust you, and they feel they get more just because they enjoy the experience of dealing with you.

So, by giving away some valuable information for free (Clark doesn’t even require an email address for his resources) you build instant trust and authority in your customer’s mind. And this is truly the single most important part of marketing; the battleground inside the customer’s head.

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Grandpa Learns of the *Magic Computer Box*


I keep getting a kick out of how so many people keep talking about Twitter, Facebook and social media (et al.) like they are ridiculous time-wasters, unable to be comprehended by a reasonable, practical, effective person.

Are you one of “those people?”

I got the headline for this post from an article in Wired Magazine, talking about the difference between Jimmy Fallon interviewing a Twitter guru, compared to Charlie Rose doing the same. Rose’s interview is referred to as seeming like an episode of “Grandpa Learns of the Magic Computer Box.” Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, is doing his best to stay current and understand these modern social tools.

Which camp do you fall in? Social media hater, or social media participant?

The Case Against Social Media

For those of you pessimists, you can read this article about how Facebook may risk the effects of “infantilizing the human brain.”

Facebook Eye

Quote from the audio in the above article:

“Every generation is phobic about the effect of new technology on the morals of the next.”

She goes on to discount the application of this phenomenon concerning social media, and why this time it’s different.

So, you can find good information in both camps.

My point, relative to Construction Marketing, is this:

You can either grump around, refusing to understand or participate in the new social media trends, and fall behind. OR, you can experiment and try to find cool new ninja ways to use this stuff to expand your relationship base and perhaps even grow your business.

It’s your choice. If you want to remain a grinch about it, I totally get it.

But the truth is, this social media stuff is all just a new, very powerful way of communicating with the world. And it’s trending like a juggernaut.

So ask yourself: Do you want to waste time throwing a futile tantrum about how you think it sucks, and you want to go back to the “good old days” of wasteful, one-sided shotgun marketing?

Personally, I’m going to keep my eyes on the horizon, and scoop up what I can along the way.

Now go follow me on Twitter. 😉

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On eProductivity – Applying Inbox Zero To Your Construction Marketing Plan

BONUS Tutorial: How to Make a Funny Video

Merlin Mann of 43Folders.com and InboxZero.com talks about the book he is writing on productivity, in your inbox and in your life.

I’m Writing a Book. from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

For those of you contractors and construction marketing enthusiasts who are trying to get good at using online video to market your blog and/or your business, there’s more: Pay attention to how to be compelling with just yourself, the wall behind you, and whatever food you have on your desk.

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