193 Creative Marketing Ideas

Check out this list of 193 Creative Marketing Ideas written by Sam Decker of Decker Marketing.

Overall I found item after item on the list that could be straight out of my own bag of tricks. You will be hard pressed to read through the whole list and not find some construction marketing techniques you can use tomorrow morning.

Now, some of the ideas are a little “campy”, and others are just for fun. However, I highly recommend reading the list as a “marketing jump start” type excercise.

You will never complain about a lack of good marketing ideas after reading this list.

Here are some of the unique ideas you can use to market and represent your business:

35. Guarantee Your Service in Unique Terms

37. Make Your Bathroom a Pleasant Experience

       Worth noting! If you have an office with a bathroom your clients and subcontractors will use, it will make an unforgettable impression if your bathroom is remarkably pleasant. Take it a step further and use the same technique on the bathrooms of your jobsites. Have jobsite bathrooms cleaned daily and add “a woman’s touch” like candles or other frilly crap. Seriously though. I have seen this principal garner fierce customer loyalty for builders. It’s worth the effort in customer satisfaction. Hire a cleaning service to do it if you have to.

40. Put Up Yes Signs (like “Yes we accept personal checks”. All customers will appreciate your positive, as opposed to negative, business attitude.)

68. Add “Lift Letters” to Your Direct Mail Campaign

72. Hand Address Your Direct Mail Envelopes

79. Come Early and Stay Late for Meetings, Seminars, and Classes.

84. Celebrate Your Business’s Birthday

95. For an Event, Party, or Grand Opening You Can Subpoena Your Guests to Come

123. Capture the Email Addresses of Your Customers

There are a LOT more good ideas in this list. Go check it out.


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