America’s 20 Strongest Building Markets

Building Markets

Where They’re Still Building Strong in the US.

In this recent article from BusinessWeek, we get the inside scoop on America’s 20 Strongest Building Markets.

Some are due to recent storms, some because of an influx of population; and yet others are due to factors such as recovery funds and even *GASP* a strong economy.

Builders: If you’re miserable where you are and your market is in the tank for the foreseeable future…do you ever think about picking up and moving to where the action is?

Those of you who live in these areas are cursing me right now. But, well, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and take some action, right?

What do you think?

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Cape Cod Remodeling Company Knows How to Give Real Value

Cape Cod RemodelingAll you remodeling companies out there who struggle with your marketing, take a cue from Cape Cod Remodeling company AtDesignRemodel.

Offering, free of charge, both a Consumer Awareness Guide and a Fast Start Remodeling Planner, AtDesignRemodel provides real value up front, with no strings attached.

This is a perfet example of how to create trust and establish your company as a trusted advisor all at the same time.

Throughout these free resources, AtDesignRemodel’s John Clark shows his remodeling chops and gives away some of his valuable experience and industry wisdom for free. And this, my friends, is the new model of marketing. You cannot give too much value up front.

Some companies are reluctant to give away their knowledge and expertise up front because they fear they are “giving up their secrets.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Customers do not buy your secrets, your experience, or your wisdom. They buy your services because they trust you, and they feel they get more just because they enjoy the experience of dealing with you.

So, by giving away some valuable information for free (Clark doesn’t even require an email address for his resources) you build instant trust and authority in your customer’s mind. And this is truly the single most important part of marketing; the battleground inside the customer’s head.

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Contractor Marketing – Just Do It Now and We’ll Add It to the Next Invoice

Hey contractors, subcontractors, vendors and business owners…any of these situations ring a bell?

My favorite one is “We’ll go ahead and pay for this this time, but just show us how you made it, so we can do it again in-house, from now on.”

In the construction industry–especially lately–it’s a common occurance to get low-balled and otherwise manipulated by vendors, contractors, and subs. This video shows us how ridiculous these situations can be to construction companies and, really, all business owners.

More favorites:

1. We didn’t budget for this.

2. I mean, lunch at the taco stand was about $12. Sir, this is not the taco stand. Well, it was, I had beef… Sir, you had the filet. Yeah…cow.

3. I’m not making any money on this either.

4. We can do this. This is not a challenge. This is an opportunity.

5. Well I can cover your hard costs, but that’s really as far as I’m willing to go.

6. We’re gonna make it up on the next one.

Heard any of these before? How do you deal with these “opportunities” in your business?

(This video was brought to my attention by the awesome folks over at CenterNetworks.)

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