15 Questions to Ask Your Pay-Per-Click Management Company

1. What kind of return on investment can I expect with your services?

2. Will you charge me per click, per call, per lead, or on some other basis?

3. As an Adwords account matures, if managed properly, the account should get a better and better Quality Score, and thus cheaper and cheaper clicks relative to the competition, right? So, with your service, who owns the Adwords account? If we part ways down the road, who gets control of the Adwords account? Do you pass the cost benefit of a high quality score on down to us, or does that only benefit your company?

4. Do you offer phone call tracking? If we part ways, who gets the phone number used for the Adwords campaign?

5. What about landing page quality? Do you set up a new website for us and handle all issues with landing page quality? If not, will you guide us on whatever changes might need to be made to our website to help our Adwords campaign convert as well as possible?

6. If you set up a new website for us, who gets control of that website if we part ways? If you keep it, can you guarantee you will pull it off line? Or will it keep getting leads down the road that do not come to our business?

7. What else do we need to know in order to ensure the highest possible return on investment?

8. Do you have any specific success stories of businesses like ours getting a measurable return on investment?

9. How much do we need to spend per week to meet our revenue goals? How will we measure this a month from now after we’ve got the campaign going, and into the future from that point on? Because the only thing that matters to us is return on investment, so we need to discuss campaign accountability and tracking that will occur once we’ve signed on the dotted line, so we may as well determine this now, right?

10. What is a reasonable Click Thru Rate (CTR) to expect for a campaign like ours?

11. What is a reasonable average cost per click to expect for a campaign like ours?

12. How many clicks will that likely generate for us?

13. What is a reasonable conversion rate for that number of clicks? (Meaning, how many new clients is that likely to generate for us?)

14. If those numbers don’t pan out after a month or two when we can clearly see the results of our campaign, what will happen then?

15. Is our campaign likely to provide us with a measurable ROI right off the bat, or will it take a certain amount of time to show a return? How long?

That should give you a pretty good start.

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