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The power of today’s internet and it’s impact on marketing for construction companies is just downright exciting. There are free marketing and sales tools and resources everywhere you look, and some of them are downright awesome.

To me, sales is an extension of marketing. And if you’re like many contractors, you are both Marketing Director and Sales Manager, as well as your own top salesman.

So, when a great free sales training resource is available in a convenient package, I will always find time to work it into my busy day. How about you?

Bill Caskey and Brian Neale pump out the Advanced Selling Podcast free of charge. I find their podcast to be an excellent primer for getting into a good sales mindset.

To me, a good sales mindset consists of three key elements:

1. Focusing on building an environment of trust.

2. Positioning yourself in an adviser role, earnestly looking out for the best interest of the client in a “detached” way (meaning, you are not desperate to get the sale above all else.)

3. Being bold enough to show your prospect that you can lead them where they need to go.

After listening to almost all the episodes of the Advanced Selling Podcast, I believe Caskey and Neale have these three principles at the core of what they teach.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, they show us a model of generosity that works like gangbusters as a marketing tool.

They publish a free podcast that anyone can grab at any time. This indirectly promotes their sales training services to those who might be interested in such a thing.

Theres no pushing, no salesy B.S., and no direct promotion. It’s all content. But if you have a need for sales training on an organizational level, then your ears are definitely perking up listening to their stories. (And guess what? It’s also entertaining! Great job, guys.)

I wish everyone marketed themselves in this way. It is the way of the future, and it’s time to get on board.

Provide value. For free. Don’t be salesy. Targeted customers will come through the woodwork if you are generous with your knowledge and expertise.

Now, go listen to the podcast. Learn about selling in an ethical and effective way. And, if you pay attention, you will no doubt think of some awesome ways to use the generosity model in your own business, and get results.

(You can download all the Advanced Selling Podcasts on iTunes right now for free.)

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Construction Marketing Podcast #2 – Networking for Results

Welcome to the second official Construction Marketing Podcast.

This week’s theme is “Networking.”

There are also a few other really effective tips I have used to skyrocket my marketing effectiveness in the past few weeks.

Have a listen by clicking below:



Credits and huge thanks go out to:

1. Keith Ferrazzi, my new hero and trusted guru.

2. My dog Amos for listening patiently while I recorded this.

3. Moo Shu Chicken, for fueling this event, and generally being a great new friend to me.

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