Local Construction Marketing

Would you like to show up at the top of your local Google listings for keywords like “Construction”, “Contractor”, “Remodeling”, “Plumbing”, or “Builder” etc?

If you’re like most local construction businesses (and other service-based small businesses) you know that getting found online can be the difference between 100% booked for 6 months, and sitting idle waiting for the phone to ring.

Here’s a story of how I helped a business owner get to number one with only a few minutes of time and a few very easy changes to his Google account:


If you’ve been paying attention to the world of search marketing, you know that Google has been getting very serious lately about displaying localized search results, even when the searcher doesn’t type in a location.

Google uses information from the searcher’s IP address (and more, especially if you’re using Chrome as your browser) to pinpoint the searcher’s location and display results based on that specific geographical area.

This is why, more and more, you will notice the “Google Local” listing right at the top of the results. You will recognize it by the map, with up to 10 listings, usually A though J. We call this either “Google Local”, or the “Google 10 Pack”, or “Google Maps.”

The other day I got a call from a contractor in New York who had not seen any activity from his website like he had hoped he would.

Also, he was ranked number one in the “organic” Google listings for his best targeted “remodeling” keyword.

Usually, the organic listings get around 70% of all clicks, so this will normally get the job done. But not this time.

I told his it was probably caused by two things:

1. The market is still awful in his area.

2. He’s getting trumped by the Google 10 Pack.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and tried to change that situation.

Long story short: After spending about 30 minutes talking him through some changes in his local business account, he is now ranking as number one for a few high traffic keywords and on page one for many others. 

I’ll check back with him to see if he starts getting calls, but you too can begin to make progress in Google Local if you follow the steps below.


1. Change the title or “Company Name” in your listing to your base keyword (Remodeling? Construction? Contractor?) first, then your company name second. (Warning: don’t go crazy with excessive keywords…just use the ones that get real targeted search traffic.)

2. Fill out every detail in the entire listing. (This includes business hours, payments accepted, coupons, pictures, video…EVERYTHING.)

3. Fill out all five of the allowed business categories, using the keywords that get real search volume.

4. Get real, honest reviews from your best clients. (Best way? Whenever you hear a compliment from a client, say thank you and then ask them if they’d be willing to do a review for you on Google. Send them a link to your listing. Repeat.)

Set a goal of 10 reviews over the next month, and watch the magic happen!

Long post, I know. I try not to yammer on since people simply don’t read long posts on the internet.

BUT, if you’d like to know more, fill out my contact form and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Good luck, and happy optimizing!

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