NOT a Good Construction Marketing Idea (ha ha)

Mark Buckshon taught me that awesome content is awesome content, even if in posting it you do have two similar posts on two similarly themed blogs right next to each other in the search engines.

Boy, this “Change Order” image is fun, isn’t it?

Hilarious, even.

Although, my first instinct is, “Boy, I’m glad this isn’t MY boat. I would have a hard time looking my clients straight in the eye.”

How about you?

Maybe, if this boat really belongs to a contractor, the guy is retired and no longer has to sell jobs. Or, perhaps it doesn’t really belong to a contractor.

Nonetheless, the picture is funny. But, if you want my advice, I would advise a reduction in cockiness is usually a good thing.

I would love to hear your thoughts. (And I would love to know if the guy who owns this boat is still laughing in this recession.)

If nothing else, sending this image to a contractor friend might lift his spirits during a time when good spirits are of utmost importance. It’s good to laugh, don’t you think?


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How to Monetize Your Construction Blog


This issue comes up so often, I feel the need to post this powerful Gary Vaynerchuk video about how to monetize a blog.

Now, this video is about a different market than construction, but that doesn’t matter one bit.

For those of you hustlers out there trying to figure out how to do some fun new stuff online and with your website, take a good look. This principle works across the board; for a contractor, a builder, and a construction small business owner, etc.

It’s just good old nose-to-nose marketing at it’s best. Gary V does it right!

Anyone using Adsense might begin to think….”Hey, what if I just sold some ads directly, and kept the entire profit, instead of just a trickle of it?”

Simple (and pretty basic for you old pros) but it works.

Myself, on this blog, I’m not looking for ad revenue like Gary shows us how to do here. I publish this blog for other reasons. But the principles in this video really teach a guy something, don’t you think?

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Branding Ideas for Your Construction Small Business

What every construction business owner should know about branding.

Hint: It’s about your personality!

Here’s Pamela Slim’s take on the subject:

“The reality is, people don’t refer companies or brands; they refer the people in those companies. The more your customers know your personality, your interests, your values and your real voice, the more likely they will refer business to you.”

(Don’t worry. Even if you are bone-dry boring…that’s still personality. You must showcase the real you.)

Check out the rest of this great article by Pamela Slim guest-posting at Duct Tape Marketing about branding for small business:

5 Ways to Amp Up the Personal in Your Brand

You will find some great tidbits like this:

“Write clearly and with personality.

“Check your website, blog posts, marketing materials and emails and make sure you are communicating in a clean, clear, engaging way. The basic rule of thumb is to write like you talk. If you are a corporate refugee-turned small business owner, you may be used to using words like “value-add,” “paradigm shift” and “out-of-the-box-thinking.” You wouldn’t use these words in regular conversation, right? Strike them from your written communications and people will find you are not the tremendous bore they thought you were, you are actually down-to-earth, funny, and engaging….”

Slim also talks about the importance of interesting photography. Showing real-life pictures of yourself and your team can make an enormous difference in your marketing.

People instinctively click on the “about” page when visiting a website. Show ’em who you are and what you’re all about, or most of them will click away forever.

This website shows how a mechanic does this with style. And don’t you think folks, that if a mechanic can do it, a contractor can do it too? I do. (Just teasing, all you mechanics out there. I love you guys too!)

Try this stuff. It works, I’m tellin’ ya.

For more from Duct Tape Marketing, check out this compelling concept of “Make a Referral Week.”




Construction Website Links

Anyone who has tried to tackle the beast that is Search Engine Optimization knows the importance of getting high quality links.

If your website has links from high quality websites, Google will rank it higher in the search results.

However, there is so much misinformation about how Google values certain types of links, I’ll post this video for all you builders, contractors, and construction small business owners who are tackling SEO on your own.


SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Dude, Your Links Kinda Suck from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

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Welcome Kila Hill Manufacturing

A big hearty online welcome to Kila Hill Manufacturing.

Kila Hill Manufacturing is a Montana machine shop, manufacturer, and contract machining company focusing on:

  •     Production Machining, Manufacturing
  •     CNC Services
  •     General Precision Machining
  •     Toolroom Services
  •     Product Design and Development
  •     Prototype Machining
  •     Rescraping, Rebuilding
  •     Premium Engine Surface Resurfacing
  •     Light Fabrication
  •     Finishing
  •     Assembly

Kila Hill is a Montana manufacturing company with precision machining skills.

“Competitive in price, unsurpassed in quality, that’s Kila Hill Manufacturing.”

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