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Mistakes to Avoid When Leaving Comments on a Blog

Tons of contractors, builders, and construction small businesses are looking to online marketing techniques to help them get new business in a tough, hard-scrabble economy.

This is so true in my corner of the construction marketing world that I have hardly had the time to post on this blog lately. (Yikes.)

But I just had to come on here and make this post in case I could perhaps save some people some time.

You see, once your website begins to rank highly in the search engines and become a little bit of an “authority” site for your niche, you will find that more people will begin to make comments on your website, if you allow them a place to do it.

This post is designed to tell you how to successfully post comments, and how to avoid getting your comment deleted with a grunt from your chosen target’s comment screener. (Hint: Unless you are targeting a huge, gigantic blog or website…you will be screened by the blog owner himself. So, there’s your big hint. Use it wisely.)

Construction Website Owners – When posting a comment on a high ranking blog, hoping to get a backlink:

1. Add some value (for crying out loud!)

It’s so freakin’ easy. You are interested in the topic, or you wouldn’t be commenting, right? Add your take! Write something at least one bored, lonely person on earth might want to read. It’s amazing to me to see that people won’t take 10 seconds to think of something worthwhile to say. “Check out my website” is not interesting to the website’s reader. Add to the conversation.

2. Be nice, not negative and harshly critical.

Don’t be jaded, my contractor friend. This is the internet, and it’s fun! So why not be nice and have fun?

You can have a conflicting opinion with someone and still be professional. Or at least literate. Remember that, online, the words you type will come off as seething, whiny, violent, hateful, uneducated, and self-promotional with almost NO effort on your part. Do not be smug. Smugness is assumed unless you prove otherwise by choosing your words wisely. You have to write very politely on purpose in order to not come off as a troll on the internet.

If you’ve ever had even a barely-slightly-negative post or comment made about you on the *infinitely* public internet, you know the cold chills that can run up your spine when this happens. Understand that website owners are people, and just be a kind human being in your posts and comments.

I am dead serious that it really is that easy, and you will see awesome results.

3. Heck, skip the comment and just post an informative article or blurb about the author of your target website (onto your own website.)

Trust me, people (even big wigs–I’ll tell you that story later) check their Google Alerts and their traffic referrals. Your post will be noticed, and you might get an entire feature rather than just a silly little comment backlink which is probably “no-follow” anyway.

In other words, if you post something nice about someone, they will very likely reciprocate. Don’t kiss ass, just be a real man (or woman) and be polite for crying out loud. There are so many trolls and flamers on the internet that politeness will get you everywhere you want to go. Seriously, it’s like freaking magic. Be overly polite and have fun. Watch what happens as a result.

What About Exchanging Links?

I’ve written about this before, and it can work well in moderation. But you have to do it right, or you’re wasting your time.

When requesting a link from someone, think about how you’d like to be approached if your situations were reversed.

First of all, why not just link to his site first, and then see if he reciprocates voluntarily? This works. Try it. Seriously, go try it. Right now. I’ll wait….

But, if it doesn’t work, then try to come up with a way to add some value to the situation. What do you have to offer? Maybe an article on your topic, or a guide of some kind? Offer something valuable with no conditions attached. I bet you you’ll get your link.

Even just a nice testimonial will probably get you in the door.

But my friend – just so you know – if you do the other stuff I described above you most likely won’t have to bother with this part. You’ll get your link, and even save yourself some stress by just having a little fun for once.


Thanks for reading my rant! I love you all. Your fun, polite, conversational comments are all welcome here!

Here’s your chance to try out what you’ve learned. 🙂




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